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 Linearity of Hall Sensor 
 Cad design of coil is not complete  [1]
 Coil Specification 
 DoSA analysis files for OpenVCM 
 FEMM CAE Analysis File 
 Picture of the Open VCM and Demo Kit 
 DoSA analysis files for OpenVCM 
 DoSA Introduction 
 DoSA download page 
 Introduction of DoSA 
 Open Coil Winder
 Coil Winder Upgrade (Ver 1.2)  [2]
 PC Software for controlling the coil winder 
 Picture of the coil winder (V1.1 Upgrade) 
 Circuit Diagram of Coil Winder 
 GitHub Address of the coil winder 
 Arduino Source Code  [4]
 Actuator Function Tester
 Hardware Explanation of DIY Tester 
 Hardware of a low cost measurement stand 
 AFT download page 
 Open Source Oscilloscope 
 Information & Suggestion
 Understanding the small electric actuator 
 Design of actuator performance 
 Open Source Linear Actuator Controller 

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