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OpenAFT (Actuator Function Tester)


Project Name OpenAFT (Actuator Function Tester)
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Introduction Open source test SW and test device that can measure magnetic force of actuator or solenoid


OpenAFT is an open source actuator measurement program using Excel's VBA language.

It is being developed to help measure the magnetic force of the actuators or solenoids.

Also, it is an open source project that can be used by anyone and participate in development.

[ OpenAFT-DIY_Tester ]

[ OpneAFT-High_Precision_Tester ]

[ OpenAFT-DIY_Tester ]

[ OpneAFT-General_Tester ]

[ OpneAFT-High_Precision_Tester ]

[ Stroke-Force Measurement ]

[ Current-Force Measurement ]

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