Open Source CAE for Actuators

  Open Source CAE of Actuators

The performance design of the actuators is verified in two ways: computer analysis and testing.

In particular, virtual experiments using computerized analysis have the advantage of being able to evaluate the performance of a product without having to produce a prototype.

However, commercial CAE software is limited to its widespread use due to high purchase and maintenance costs.

To solve this problem, we carry out an open source actuator CAE SW development project that can predict performance in a similar working environment to the development of actuators.

Also, we introduce open source CAE softwares that can be used for performance verification of actuators.

  DoSA (Designer of Solenoid & Actuator)

Introduction Open source actuator software that can predict the performance of actuators in a similar working environment to the development of actuators
State Release of version 0.9.6

  FEMM (Finite Element Method Magnetics, Magnetic Analysis)

SW Introduction FEMM is an open source SW with 2D axial symmetry finite element analysis that can be analyzed for magnetism, electricity, and heat, and supports graphics preprocessing and postprocessing programs.
SW Link

  Scilab and XCOS (Alternatives to MATLAB and Simulink)

SW Introduction Scilab is an open source software for numerical analysis and Xcos is embedded in the Scilab to support the design of hybrid dynamic system models
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  Open Modelica (System Modeling)

SW Introduction Open Modelica provides Open Source Modelica based System Modeling and software that provides an analytical work environment
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