Open Source Experiment for Actuators

  Open Source Experiment of Actuators

The performance test of the actuator distinguishes between the behavior test of the drive part and the magnetic force test.

The required physical quantities are current, displacement, and force, and an ampare meter, a displacement meter, and a force meter are required for measurement.

The behavior test is a test of drive displacement, current and magnetic forces for time, in addition, requires a fast data acquisition device such as an oscilloscope.

The magnetic force test is a test to measure the magnetic force against the displacement and the magnetic force against the current. To do this, the AFT (Actuator Function Test) of open source project provides open source measurement software and hardware.

  OpenAFT (Actuator Function Tester)

Introduction Open source test SW and test device that can measure magnetic force of actuator or solenoid
State Release of version 1.0

  Open VCM Controller

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Introduction An open source control program that controls the VCM Actuator, a linear drive actuator
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State Development in progress

Open Actuator Project
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