Open Source Manufacture for Actuators

  Open Source Manufacture of Actuators

The implementation of the actuator requires the manufacture of a number of parts.

(machining of soft magnetic steel, coil winding, plastic parts, permanent magnets, ...)

Plastic parts are manufactured using 3D Printers, and we're working on an open-source Coil Winder project for coil-winding.

Also, we are looking for ways to minimize the machining cost of the soft magnetic steel and permanent magnets.

  Open Coil Winder

Introduction Open-source coil winder project for making coils that are core parts of actuators
State Release of version 1.2

  Open Source 3D Printer

Introduction First low-cost 3D printer, the RepRap project revolutionized open-source 3D printers, making it the most widespread 3D printer in the world

Open Actuator Project
2017-2019 Open Actuator Project ( )