Open Source Design for Actuators

  Open Source Design of Actuators

There are many types of small electric actuators used around us for a variety of purposes.

( Solenoid, Voice Coil Motor, Permenant Magnet Actuator, ...)

The open source design of an actuator is a project that can make it easy for anyone to build by revealing the design of the actuator.

Therefore, we are revealing the design, the production process and materials of actuator that is designed with easy-to-buy and production-ready parts.

  OpenVCM - Linear_W

Introduction Open source VCM with 3D printed instruments and easy-to-buy parts (permanent magnet, steel washer)
State Release of version 1.0 (Version 1.2 development in progress)

  OpenVCM - Rotational

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Introduction Open Source Rotational VCM using VCM inside a failed HDD
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State Development in progress

Open Actuator Project
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